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International Child Centered Divorce Month 2019!

We’re excited to announce our 12th annual International Child Centered Divorce Month.

Each January we offer a series of FREE online events, webinars, exclusive content from revered child-centered divorce attorneys, mediators, divorce coaches, therapists, financial planners and other professionals spanning across four continents to join this educational campaign. Their goal is to share insights, advice, tips and tools to help you create the most positive outcome for your family as you transition through divorce and beyond..

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Expert Community

Our Expert Community includes over 100 therapists, coaches, authors, practitioners, educators, and professionals from a variety of divorce-related specialties to offer their insight, skills, and guidance through every stage of the process.

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Free Unlimited Resources

Signup for instant access to articles, podcasts, and other resources to guide you and your family through the divorce process.

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Something Else

Here we’ll place another idea that we discuss during our conversation to determine the best idea together. The intention will be for these four items to stand out as points of interest where to begin the journey.

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