Welcome to International Child-Centered Divorce Month 2019!

Celebrating Our 12th Anniversary Supporting Divorced & Separated Families

If you’re a parent coping with divorce-related issues, professionals around the world are here to provide free products and services to you all through January. In recognition of International Child-Centered Divorce Month, we’ve enrolled child-centered divorce attorneys, mediators, divorce coaches, therapists, financial planners and other professionals on four continents to join this educational campaign. Their goal is to share insights, advice, tips and tools to help you create the most positive outcome for your family as you transition through divorce and beyond.

Each listing includes the country that professional is based in. But remember, their services are available around the world.



Click the button below to access a list of useful ebooks, coaching services, videos and other valuable gifts offered to you with no strings attached! Each gift focuses on divorce and parenting issues relevant to you and your family. Choose as many gifts as you desire. They’re yours free during January!